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  4. Hola cuando abro el programa ezcad 2 me dice que no encuentra lmc. he observado que no me dejas meter el control estoy desesperado.gracias
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  6. Hello, So...anyone have any idea why ezcad2 software in demo mode crashes when importing a Ai file? Happens everytime, on a few computers I own... Thanks!
  7. Nuchie

    lmc-fiber Work Space

    How can I adjust the work space on my fiber laser. When I light the area it is only about a quarter inch square, to get the image large enough I have to expand it out of the work space.
  8. Hi Charlie, Thank you for the response! I believe you're correct. After your response I did a reverse image translation online and it came back with "Genuine". I decided to inspect the board to see if maybe I could tell if it was a counterfeit and it appears legit as the serial number and version printed on the card are the same that EzCad displays in the Hardware tab of the F3 parameter screen. For all I know it could be a well done clone I've attached a couple of pics showing the board and the Hardware info tab just in case someone else in the community is seeing the same behaviour. Again, my system runs great, just curious what the alert was trying to tell me. Thanks again.
  9. maybe says genuine ? clone board maybe?
  10. Hello All, Running EzCad 2.14.11 on Windows 10 64 bit. Everything works as it should however, I get an alert pop up (see attached image) once right after I click to stop the red light, and only the first time I do it. I don't see the alert again until the next time I start EzCad. Unfortunately I'm unable to translate what appears to be Chinese. Thanks in advance for any assistance translating this. .
  11. Dear all. We use EZcard2 software with UV 5W laser marking. But the marking is uneven. Anybody can help me. Please check detail image and settings in the attachment. Uneven marking issue.pdf
  12. I am having an error in 20w laser fiber marking machine while marking Error says : (Invalid Device Handle)
  13. how to configure mark on fly with lmcv4 card
  14. need a software of 2.14.2
  15. You most likely have a non official driver card. You will need to replace it.
  16. We no longer issue a dongle key with the EZCAD driver card and software. The driver itself is the driver card.
  17. You will need to change the driver card if you want to use EZCAD software.
  18. That is the latest version we currently have.
  19. the posted sdk doesn't seem to match the 2.14.11 version posted, is there a newer one ?
  20. Can you post your project file so we can replicate the issue? What version of software are you using?
  21. I have same issue with windows 10 I have downloaded newest driver and software from this forum. Nothing works.. It still works on demo version... how to fix that..
  22. Hello all, I want to ask you if I can use ezcad on sunshine ss-890b, it cames with seacad but I want to use ezcad and when I start dhe ezcad it says no dongle! Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi Fred, JefferyJ has some beaut YouTube videos on fiber engraving with EZcad, though nothing specifically covering SQL DBs. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAXubZvBGAFnnRpgS6fMJJA/videos We will soon need to be population QR codes [in an array], with data generated from our DB. I'll check back in the forum to see if you have resolved this at the time we tackle it, and update you if you like. By the same token, if you've already resolved it, could you please post any tips from your experience? Cheers - Peter [Thommo]
  24. LMC V4 FIB v 4.0.2 General Custom Function: Fly, Fly2, HWStart, LongText, InputLock, InputWait Windows10 Hi, I am hoping someone may be able to assist with this inquiry. I'm very grateful that this forum has been created. We have just purchased a machine with the above hardware config. Our objective is to mark Poly-carbonate [injection molded, white] with very light grey text and logo data. And by light grey, I am referring to the range of say 5% - 15% black. It appears that these settings below are approximately what is required. Speed 1250 mm/s Power 10 % Frequency 25 KHz My query is in relation to the PEN SETTINGS In [attached] pic 1 you can see the "Pen No." in the dialog box on the left is set to #5, and the same Pen is selected in the dialog box on the R/H side In pic 2 if I select Pen #15 [R/H dialog box], Pen #5 remains in the L/H box. Ignoring that mods to the other configs, Speed, Power, Freq, if I ensure that those fields do not change, I DO observe a difference in the engraving. If I also modify the L/H dialog setting and pick Pen #15, then I get a dramatic change, and don't see ANY fill. Are the two PENS 'linked' in any way, and are they both supposed to be set the SAME. If so, should this occur automatically upon selecting either? I have attached a couple of additional images which also show the discrepancy in Pen selection. I will really appreciate any feedback I can get as I am behind a delivery deadline now. Many thanks - Peter [Thommo]
  25. Ez cad program not working properly because I have lost my USB pin drive. Which atach with computer
  26. Hey. Go to Parameters menu, bottom of your screen or pres F3 and in Field you have Galvo 1=X and Galvo 2=x. Thick the checkbox for Galvo 2. That worked for me. Have nice and productive day!
  27. Thank you Admin! I understand the hardware addition, but is this also a change to the Ezcad2 software?
  28. The Z-axis control is only available if you purchased this option. If you do not see it as an option discuss it with your system provider.
  29. I am brand new to laser engraving. I downloaded and set up my 30W fiber engraver with EZCad2.14. Got it working but everything is engraving as a mirror image and if it is a horizontal image, it is printing vertically. I have no idea what to do. I've tried deleting and redownloading. I do not know what is next. Thanks everyone!
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