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  2. Yo tengo el mismo problema, es un lío sobre todo cuando las imágenes son pequeñas..necesito el manual de usuario de EZCAD2
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  5. Found my own answer. Use the Count in the hatch settings and not the part count at the bottom of the screen or the loop count in the pen settings and it seems to function as intended. I'm going to leave this up here to help the next poor soul.
  6. Has anyone sorted out the auto rotate on that hatch settings? For some of my files it works just fine. Other files I will check "auto rotate hatch angle" and set the job to run 50 time and it will NEVER rotate the hatch angle. I'm guessing Maybe I need to change the loop count in the pen setting, the count in the hatch settings, or some quirk like that, but the words "auto rotate" literally never appear in the official manual, so there is no help there.
  7. dom16

    lmc-fiber Axis Time out

    In ezcad3 my Z axis homing time is set to 10 sec. I have to enter longer homing time very time I start ezcad3 or else it will time out. The homing time change does not save and defult back to 10 sec. Anyone know now to fix this?
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  9. what is the difference between Fiberlaser card Model: LMCFIBER & LMCV4-FIBER
  10. Is there a way I can work on more than one project while I'm marking parts? It seems I have to wait for my job to finish before I can start a new project. Thank you
  11. when i plug my laser into computer. I get an notification. ( This device is disabled because the firmware of the device did not give it the required resources. (Code 29)) Also when I try to update the drivers it tells me that driver software is up to date. So when i open the ezcad2 it says searching for dongle. Any help would be appreciated
  12. Cybosh

    ezcad drawing

    Suddenly, Ezcad2 won't let me draw and modify like it used to any given image. I used to be able to add lines, shapes and or extend lines as needed to what ever exact point I wanted, and now it jumps grids and won't let me edit where I want, I can only edit within whatever grid it is putting me in. Anyone else have this problem? anyone know how to fix this?
  13. I've got and OMTech fiber laser. I'm able to engrave with the RotaryText plugin with no issues, but Rotarymark does nothing. I can't even Light (F1) the work piece. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  14. For whoever finds this question in the future, error 21 means that the controller board ID does not match the software (what that actually means, I don't know). We had to get a replacement card from our supplier, and that fixed the issue instantly. The two cards looked exactly the same from the outside, so I'm not entirely sure what the difference is. But the .dll works with the new board (using the same type of calls as Francisco used in the original post).
  15. Hi, depends of the filling hatch, the line space must be 0.01mm
  16. Buenas noches, Paco, si puedes usar diferentes tipos de fuentes, incluso puedes instalar las tuyas propias, ya dependera del tipo de trabajo que quieras hacer y el hatch que quieras usaR.
  17. Grab a business card which is 86x54mm or something else with a known exact size then draw a box in excad that same size. Focus it the Light it and see if the light size is different than the card or or object you used. If it’s different you need to use a correction file provided by manufacturer. This is added to correction box in F3 parameters. It’s a huge pain doing it without this file.
  18. Did your machine not come with a USB stick with the program on it? Shoot me and email and I’ll send you the file. Teneightlaserengraving@outlook.com
  19. Just got fiber laser with 14.16 Fails to save the config .cfg and custom.ini file. Any idea? Rob
  20. Trying to run the EZcad2 software on a Windows 11 computer but when loading the drivers it will not load them. Loading the drivers directly you get the following message from Windows: Lmcv2u.inf: Failed to add driver to the system. Error 0xE0000242: The publisher of an Authenticode(tm) signed catalog has not yet been established as trusted. Any solution for this problem?? Seems the drivers are not signed for Windows 11 yet.
  21. I figured it out - if your old computer dies, make sure you load the drivers on your computer. This is not done automatically.
  22. turbo


    i am having an issue with all of my ratios being off from what i am importing, most of the stuff we use is on a dxf format, typically 4x4 inches, but when i import the vector it will show that it is 4in on the item but the actual print it will make is only about a 1/4 of an inch. This is ok for the most part since most of the things we do can just be ratiod up to fit what i actually need. But when i try to do anything else with the engraver it makes it very difficult to do any of the more advanced things that the machine is capable of doing. It worked correctly the very first time in the program and since then it has just off. The last time i tried to import a 4x4 image i had to upscale to 100 inches just to get it to print on the 4x4 item. Any help will be appreciated.
  23. Can someone help me? My old computer died; EZCad2 worked perfectly. Now it reads "No Dongle, Demo Version."
  24. Hello Miss, Sir. I am an intern at a local company. We are working on a galvo laser marking project. We already have a laser source and a galvo head controlled by an FBLI-LV4 controller. We want to use the galvo head in a 5 axis CNC machine. Which leads us to look for the DLC2 M4 3D controller. Because we want to print circuits in 3D parts. My boss wants to buy the DLC2 M4 3D controller from you as well as the EZCAD3 software. But first he wants a demo version of the EZCAD3 software to test it and see the features. If anyone knows how I can get the software for free even though it's a demo version. thanks in advance.
  25. Hi Folks, Does anyone know what would cause an image to etch with lines through it, versus filling in the entire thing? The image on the screen clearly shows the laser should fill the whole image but horizontal lines are being imprinted and I don't know why. This did not use to happen and I think a setting was changed but can't find said setting to change back. Happens on every image now and is very frustrating. Can anyone help? Thank you. Patrick
  26. i, I have the same concern as you. I am working on a galvo laser marking project. i want to put the galvo head in a CNC machine 5 axis (X, Y, Z, A, B) differ from the X, Y axis of the galvo. I manage to mark using the B rotary axis. But I still cannot manage for CNC A and XYZ axis. I am considering buying a DLC2 M4 3D card to have more possibilities. If you happen to have found a solution for your case, it may help me solve my problem.
  27. Hello community, I am working on a galvo laser marking project. I work with EZCAD2 and the FBLI-B-LV4 controller. But I would like to change the card using the DLC2 M4 3D controller and the EZCAD3 software for laser marking on 3D parts. Since the card is too expensive, I would like to have the demo version of the EZCAD3 software to test the 3D files before I start buying the controller and the software. Please give me a feedback if there is a possibility to provide me with the demo back of EZCAD3. Thanks in advance.
  28. Morning folks, I am looking for a windows 10 64 bit driver for a JOLLYSTAR ZLAS-001 Can anyone help ? Thanks..
  29. hilal

    pci-e How download?

    The problem of the inability to control the power EzCad2
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