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  4. I bought it on Ebay, my software runs as portable version, too
  5. Just out of curiosity if you don't mind me asking, who did you purchase your machine from? Mine has a similar card, and also came with EZCAD2 lite. I was not provided with a software license/ key either, and as far as I can tell, i can't actually install the software it just runs like a portable version.
  6. Hello I currently run ezcad 3 version build 1678 2020/10/13, I would like to upgrade to the latest build, How do I import every setting for my machine to the new build, what files should be copied over so I have the latest build with my current machine parameters etc. Thanks
  7. PC has to be connected physically to the laser and switched on to function I believe (which is ridiculous).
  8. Hi, Documentation and support is totally useless - do you have the physical marker plugged in? I get this error code if the marker is not plugged in as you cannot actually use the SDK if it is not physically connected. I setting the bTestMode = true while developing and testing which allows you to continue development. Hope that helps you
  9. I'm using the latest available version of the SDK, but initializing give me error code 21. in the documentation it only appears until the 19 What does 20 or 21 mean ?? to make sure the call is correct, I forced a known error code, such as 1 and works correctly
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  11. I’ve got the same problem, very interested in an answer!
  12. Hi, I am writing some software using the SDK for EzCad 2 but when marking using the rotary the part file marks correctly when using the "Laser -> Rotary Marking" menu option in EzCad but when sending the same file and the lmc1_Mark command via the SDK there is no rotary movement and everything is marked in the same place. Please can anyone assist? Many Thanks Martin
  13. How do I register the EZCAd3 software, or acquire a serial number that it is asking for?
  14. I have a cry for help, my control card can not find the Ezcad2 key, no matter what program I run, and I have tried them all, then it can not find the key, and starting in the demo, there are some GOOD SUGGESTIONS
  15. my unit worked fine for wind7. now win10 no dog found. installed this new driver in this thread and still no dog found
  16. I've attempted to download 2.14.10 version but cannot get it to install. Says no dongle but I have the 2.14.9 dongle installed Any suggestions?
  17. I found the solution at least for my problem. I am using Windows 10, and Windows Anti Virus software was blocking it. I added the EZCAD2 folder to the Exclusions, and I now can open EZCAD2 again.
  18. Sorry, I don't have an answer to your question, but I just got the same problem. I was wondering if you found any solution to this problem. My computer can't even shut down properly now because EZCAD2 is running in the background. I tried to kill this process from the Task Manager, but without success. And I can't start EZCAD2 at all. Help is appreciated!
  19. Hello, I am developing a customize software for Ezcad 2 using sdk kit. I am facing some issue when i am trying to initialize the MarkEzd.dll file i am getting error LMC Hardware version error. Anyone knows about it, please help me. I am using sdk compatible JCZ card.
  20. Hi, Ok, so i start the laptop, turn on the laser's key and then the laser, the pc recognises the laser with no problem BUT when i run EZ Cad2 there is a problem, the software "agreement" page opens but then when i click "ok" it disappears like normal but does not come back, after waiting a few minutes i try again but the software says "software is open" (which it isn't...) so now i cannot use the laser, i have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled, no difference, it does this with versions 09,10 and 11 of the software... Oh yes, if i unplug the laser usb cable then the software goes straight to demo mode, even a clean shutdown in demo does the same thing...
  21. Hi, got my laser and I want to know if this Controller is Genuine and what EZCAD I can use. It was delivered with EZCAD-lite. Can I use another Version of EZCAD? And what are the differents between LITE and "normal" Version? regards Matthias
  22. Hi, I think that it is a 2.5D licence, When I purchased the machine it was supposed to be fully 3D But it turns out is was duped a bit. I am quite happy how the machine performs but I would have like the full 3D experience. Cheers. Bill.
  23. Do you have a 2.5D licence?
  24. In my case W10 64bit system says the driver is not designed to work with windows 10/64
  25. There is a setting in the software for Time out Enter as a whole positive number. Time the software will wait while looking for the Homing switch. This does not affect “Light”. Set this to a value just long enough to allow the Homing process to complete travel from when the Galvo is at the lower position to activating the switch If set too short, Homing will stop and you will get an Error message "Correct axis zero timeout!. Setting to long, if something were to malfunction with the limit switch, the stepper motor would run until it crashes. Use the lap timer on the cell phone and measure the time it takes from Base Height to Origin, then add 2 seconds. Example - 30.10 Secs from Base Height to Origin, plus 2 Secs = 32.10 = 32 Whole Positive Number Items which effect this setting: Zero Speed Dist. / Step per rotation
  26. what is your email i will send you the files , i hope it will work for your machine
  27. I recently purchased the DLC2-M4-2D card and would like to process STL files in 2.5D using motorized Z axis and have seen others use EZcad3 for this. In the EZcad3 manual on page 59 it says "this feature needs a special licence and another manual to introduce it" Where can I get the licence needed?
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