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  3. I want to use I/O port for automation of the rotary. I want to mark a hatch then use rotary to flip the part then mark a different hatch. Is this possible?
  4. Hi, I am looking for the SDK for version 2.14.11 as well. Is there any change you could share it with me as well?
  5. Hello, I bought this machine: Hauser 30W Raycus And I am looking for someone that offers distance support so I can have my laser machine properly set up for my needs. My problem: I bought a machine to engrave on anodized aluminum sheet QR Codes and I need the QR Code to be engraved in BLACK. For the moment, I can engrave but the result is not black, engraving stays gray which is the same color then the anodized aluminum sheet. So I am looking for someone that would be willing to offer Distance Support and I am willing to pay for your time. Looking for proper setup on this machine so I can engrave in black? Just Like this: Thanks. Jean-Francois
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  7. Check and make sure your target is flat. Next be aware that leaving heat in an area for too long will cause it to curl like a patato chip, these are ususally just differetn shades of grey, if your unit is not tracking correctly you may be looking for another unit?
  8. Are you sure the upload was in inch or metric, that could do it, one of the settings is on the Vector upload page and one in the parameters. It also could be that nothing inside your object is closed and it is only reading the largest closed object, your border? Change the line spacing in the hatch setup page to .020" so you may have some idea of what you are delaing wiht?
  9. Just load your DFX, take the cover off the lense, power up, just manually move the head up and down until the red dot is on the red line, that is your focal point, if you do not have that right you will not know it is running. Keep your fingers out of the area and hit the "RED" button, lower center left, that will show yout the location of the burn. Push the "RED" button again to turn it off then push the button next to the RED one and it will do the print. Most everyting else is HATCH, several good videos on YOUTUBE. Have fun!
  10. Hello, kInd of new to EZCAD2. Began uploading DXF files ran a few parts fine once I figured out some of the settigs. Now I am working on a file that is just a simple letter print, 15 letters or so, and no mattter what I do the hatch leaves out two or three letters or fills in the P, A or R. I generarted the DXF on my CAM(Esprit) via a customer file and I just atarted using CorellDraw, exact same thing happens from the DXF that created. Been playig with it for a day(way more). it is something in EZCAD, every tweek gives me somemthing less than done, complete letters not hatched or random hatching in the the P and R, mostly just not populating two or three letters. I have created the same DXF file via correlldraw, exact same thing happens so no doubt, it is some tweek in EZCAD2. We are using it on a 30W fiber laser. Tried breaking it up to smaller immages, the way EXCAD2 acts it seems to be a combonation of tweeks, I use a proven file, delete the immage and bring in the DXF as a vecter also tried as a vergin program, same thing. The letters are simple text. .010" width? Let me know if someone has any ideas, probably something simple i am missing?
  11. EVERYONE warned me not to by this but like a dumbass, I didn't listen! I guess forking out the extra cash for an American make laser is worth it!
  12. Hi, I am a retired man living in Kentucky. On a whim, I purchased a good, used fiber laser machine to add to my bag-o-tricks in my home hobby shop. Well, the machine is fine, and it DOES work, but I haven't a CLUE what I am doing. It is a 30 watt fiber laser, apparently a SH F 30 according to the completely USELESS user manual. I do run DesignEdge software with my PlasmaCam tables, so I know how to create the files I want to burn, and export them as DXF files. I imported one, and got as far as watching the laser do NOTHING as it scanned across the design on an anodized black business card blank I will use to figure this ^%$&*thing out! So I don't really need any help with creating the DXF files or designs, etc. The seller demonstrated it, and it worked great! It comes with two lenses. He made it look so EASY. I am obviously doing something terribly wrong, as I cannot get it to do anything but fire the laser down onto the card with zero results. I am willing to pay someone, either locally to come here, or remotely via a ZOOM room, to walk me through the steps I am missing, and get me to understand the settings, etc. Who has the patience to teach "an old man" (63) how to run this machine? You can contact me through email at hobbylaser (at) mail (dot) com Joe
  13. I was having the same problem, but couldn't find a driver anywhere until I signed up for this forum. Downloaded it, but haven't installed it yet, will update when I do to let you know how it works...fingers crossed; thanks dereducken!
  14. Anybody had any success with recent SDK? JCZ admins don't help, I tried recent and older versions, nothing seem to work.
  15. How to hatch one by one. I have problem with hatching number 4 with using offset. I make DXF file in Corel draw with number 4 and used 10x inside offset. But in Ezcad I can not hatch it one by one properly. Inner part of number is hatched too. How to do it?
  16. hello guys, does anyone use ms sql for serial numbering for laser?
  17. I have some problems with wirewring the pritcard, i have the picture and the text, but No matter what it dosen't se the input And scaling the encoder dosen Seem to Work, and i can't find the pulses for the lenght to put in. Some one tryed to make a machine from LMC to dlc2 And malingen mark on fly.
  18. Lite card and ezcd 2.14.16 sucks.. Many guys with a lot of problems. I assembled a machine to a customer and tried Lite card . It only work in some pc, and 2.14.16 is not pratical to use ( Lite card only work in V 2.14.16) ... I had to back to customer and replace the Lite card with an old card. now everything work fine.
  19. RickLaser

    lmc-fiber EzCad SKD

    Hi, have someone EzCad SKD?
  20. Hello There, I am novice using fiber laser 20w with EZCAD2. I wanna mark datamatrix code 3mmX3mm over steel inox. Firts wanna mark a square of backdrop 5X5mm and then the datamatrix code. Can somebody say me how achieve this goal. I want to achieve a good contrast for scan the code with successfully thanks in advance Francisco
  21. You can download the official version 2.14.11 from this forum. My laser engraver also comes with 2.14.10 pre-installed and I have downloaded 2.14.11 to install from this forum. It runs fine and has no errors. You can enter Param (F3) / Laser Control. See if you have checked the Fiber item? And in the Fiber section, have you selected your laser source correctly?
  22. Need use SDK. here are a demo video. but not use EzCad SDK, is use MarkingMate SDK.
  23. Is there a nodeJS or any way to connect to EZcad externally to add a QR code and text automatically? It would make the manufacturing process of an external app adding or changing the values OR the values of the QR code and text exported much easier Thanks!
  24. Hey folks, I just installed the newest version of EZCAD2 (2.14.11) from a zip file that was sent to me by the manufacturer of my laser marking machine. The previous version, 2.14.10, is still installed on the computer that powers the laser. When I go to open up the shortcut of 2.14.11, it opens up fine and I'm able to load vector files no problem. But when I go to mark it pops up with an error code that says "current LMC board is not for Fiber Laser". Anyone have a clue as to how to troubleshoot? Thanks!
  25. I am having a similar issue. but it is not filling the other direction, it is adding lines inside of my design and not hatching to the outside of my geometry. I was able to temporarily fix this issue by deleting the file I dragged over to my pc from the dongle and then dragging over a new copy fro the dongle, then opening ezcad from the copied folder. but it soon reverted back to this state and I can not re creat the fix. It seems I a stuck in this state now. I sure would like a fix to this.
  26. hi Yogis my mail is parraguezgarcia@gmail.com regards
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