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    I discovered the reason for that error when trying to import the MarkEzd.dll Has a direct relationship with the archives Lmc1.dll DataMgr.dll the latest version of EZCAD2 published in the community is a 2.14.11 and the file LMC1.dll has a modification date 2019-07-02 this version of LMC1.dll does not have some methods that the version of the MarkEzd.dll published in the community needs the date modified of MarkEzd.dll published in the community is 2011-12-06 we need to find versions of markEzd.dll, Lmc1.dll DataMgr.dll. that are compatible with each other
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    Hi , I am having trouble find much relevant information on using the program (EzCad3) and would appreciate any leads on tutorials or written information. Just getting in touch with other uses would help. Always happy to share tips and any information I have gleaned. Cheers. Bill.
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    Version V2.14.9


    EZCAD official software user manual


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