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  1. You most likely have a non official driver card. You will need to replace it.
  2. We no longer issue a dongle key with the EZCAD driver card and software. The driver itself is the driver card.
  3. You will need to change the driver card if you want to use EZCAD software.
  4. That is the latest version we currently have.
  5. Can you post your project file so we can replicate the issue? What version of software are you using?
  6. The Z-axis control is only available if you purchased this option. If you do not see it as an option discuss it with your system provider.
  7. admin

    Citizen cfm-2

    Take of a photo of your driver card. If its missing ports or does not match our drawings found in the operating manual. Its possible the driver card is an official copy. Download the driver and manual from this website. If your still having an issue we can remote into your machine.
  8. Post your project file, photos, and schematic of your setup. It will help clarify what your trying to achieve within the software.
  9. Not hard if you can follow schematics, basic hand tool operation, soldering, align the optical path and mechanical drawing. The hardest task is aligning and calibrating the optical path. You will need the calibration paper, phosphorus ceramic and optical power meter. You can download the schematics and manual from the download section.
  10. Unfortunately its not just a software upgrade. You will need to change the driver card, galvanometer, and motion control. The upgrade is complex and will require a new machine build.
  11. If you have lost your machine settings you will need to manually setup your machine. We offer a free download to the latest EZCAD driver and software. They can be found on the download page. I will detail the minimum amount of steps needed to get the machine working again. If you share you operators manual and datasheets. We can provide more details specific to your machine. After launching EZCAD software press "f3" it will launch the configuration tab. Select "LASER CONTROL" tab Enter your laser type, "CO2, YAG, FIBER, SPI". You will also need to modify the "PWM". If you selected the fiber type select the serial communication most common is "IPG" Next we need to configure the galvanometer marking area by default the "Field Size" This is bare minimum amount of settings to get your laser working again.
  12. admin

    pci-e How download?

    Once you have registered your account you will be able to download the software and manual.
  13. You have to be a registered user to download EZCAD software and drivers. After registering navigate to the LMC 64 bit driver page.
  14. If you want to make a line wider the best tool to use is the "WOBBLE" feature. Select "Advance" in marking parameter window Once you are in the "Advanced mark param" activate the "Wobble" feature and set the "Diameter" to 0.05mm and the "Distance" to 1/2 the width of the wobble diameter. If the line is still to thin you can increase the wobble diameter until your satisfied with the result.
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