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  1. Your driver card is fake. You will need to replace your driver board to an official copy.
  2. Your driver card is fake. You will need to replace your driver board to an official copy.
  3. You can run EZCAD 2
  4. admin

    dlc2-m4 3D slicing

    Non planar slicing is not currently supported.
  5. We have not tried it. If you do let us know how it works out.
  6. I would try a different fill technique
  7. admin

    lmc-fiber Work Space

    You can adjust the size and scale under the properties button
  8. Post the file so we can review it.
  9. The driver card is not an official release. You will need to purchase a new driver card.
  10. Try an older version. SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD
  11. EZCAD does not use installers. Try to download the latest version from this website.
  12. We do not sell dongle keys. Ensure you have a stable USB connection. Do not use a USB hub and the driver card is directly connected to your computer. If you are using a laptop it might have a bad USB port.
  13. admin

    lost fonts

    Download the latest EZCAD 2 software from this site. Update Windows 10 Update to the latest EZCAD 2 software
  14. If you are using an official release it is not needed. We do not sell dongle keys.
  15. admin


    You should have no issue running windows 10 32 bit and 64 bit Download the latest software from this site. Its the official release. SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD
  16. Can you provide a screen capture? Could of things you can try Make sure your using the latest software version Download and install latest device driver Make sure the control card is not running through a USB hub
  17. Refer to the LMC user manual page 6 and page 15
  18. You most likely have a non official driver card. You will need to replace it.
  19. We no longer issue a dongle key with the EZCAD driver card and software. The driver itself is the driver card.
  20. You will need to change the driver card if you want to use EZCAD software.
  21. That is the latest version we currently have.
  22. Can you post your project file so we can replicate the issue? What version of software are you using?
  23. The Z-axis control is only available if you purchased this option. If you do not see it as an option discuss it with your system provider.
  24. admin

    Citizen cfm-2

    Take of a photo of your driver card. If its missing ports or does not match our drawings found in the operating manual. Its possible the driver card is an official copy. Download the driver and manual from this website. If your still having an issue we can remote into your machine.
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