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  1. There is a setting in the software for Time out Enter as a whole positive number. Time the software will wait while looking for the Homing switch. This does not affect “Light”. Set this to a value just long enough to allow the Homing process to complete travel from when the Galvo is at the lower position to activating the switch If set too short, Homing will stop and you will get an Error message "Correct axis zero timeout!. Setting to long, if something were to malfunction with the limit switch, the stepper motor would run until it crashes. Use the lap timer on the cell phone and measure the time it takes from Base Height to Origin, then add 2 seconds. Example - 30.10 Secs from Base Height to Origin, plus 2 Secs = 32.10 = 32 Whole Positive Number Items which effect this setting: Zero Speed Dist. / Step per rotation
  2. Thank you Admin! I understand the hardware addition, but is this also a change to the Ezcad2 software?
  3. In the instructions in the Files section "How to use z axis" - After open the software, display as shown in figure 1 I do not see the information in the bottom section. I am running Ezcad2.14.11 with control card JCZ LMCV4-FIBER-M and a 30W Raycus Please explain what needs to be done, thank you. How to use z axis.bmp No Z axis control panel.bmp
  4. Thanks... this makes sense. Now I have to price out all the parts. Do you have a ballpark?
  5. Hi Admin, Yes... software, galvo, control card and I understand a new power supply. The laser source does not need to be changed which is the most costly. The cost for these upgrade parts would be less than a new machine. What is "complex" about changing these parts?
  6. Hello Everyone! With Ezcad3, the new improved software is it possible or even cost effective to change a 2D machine (upgrade) to 3D. Thanks for any comments!
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