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  1. Thank you Admin! I understand the hardware addition, but is this also a change to the Ezcad2 software?
  2. In the instructions in the Files section "How to use z axis" - After open the software, display as shown in figure 1 I do not see the information in the bottom section. I am running Ezcad2.14.11 with control card JCZ LMCV4-FIBER-M and a 30W Raycus Please explain what needs to be done, thank you. How to use z axis.bmp No Z axis control panel.bmp
  3. Thanks... this makes sense. Now I have to price out all the parts. Do you have a ballpark?
  4. Hi Admin, Yes... software, galvo, control card and I understand a new power supply. The laser source does not need to be changed which is the most costly. The cost for these upgrade parts would be less than a new machine. What is "complex" about changing these parts?
  5. Hello Everyone! With Ezcad3, the new improved software is it possible or even cost effective to change a 2D machine (upgrade) to 3D. Thanks for any comments!
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