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  1. I have a cry for help, my control card can not find the Ezcad2 key, no matter what program I run, and I have tried them all, then it can not find the key, and starting in the demo, there are some GOOD SUGGESTIONS
  2. set the size in the Parameter box, measure the item and try it out
  3. I have a big problem with Ezcad when I engrave, I lose the key up to several times in an engraving, and every time I have to set the machine again, I can get a key to install on the machine
  4. hi out there, there really is no one who knows anything about engraving with rotary, and how to engrave a photo
  5. Jeg har forsøgt at lave en foto gravering i rotaryMark, og i SplitMark2, men kan ikke få det til at virke, kan man ikke bruge almindelig Bitmap fil i Rotary programmet ?? jeg har ingen problem, når det er et logo, lavet i Ezcad
  6. Kan ikke gravere et foto i rotary program
  7. Er der nogen mulighed, for at justere tykkelsen på stregen, når man laver en tegning, for eksempel med lige streg "Is there any way to adjust the thickness of the line when making a drawing, for example with a straight line"
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