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  1. hello , i send you a vidéo of the issue at this link = https://mega.nz/file/dMd3xArK#fcIhaKhBPKjOvttfdr3XHXJ5cUDyCPsKeNz8sBbIyZk best regards
  2. XYZA Axis are instaled in the workstation , i just want to activate a external output on before every mark . i send you example file . regards example.ez3 Problem.issue
  3. hello all , i have a question about DLC2-m4 board , EZCAD 3 ,have 4 axis so on axis configuration i set the XYZA MODE i tried to control I/O port (output and input) to activate a external device with 1 output , and continue a program with 1 input . it did't work , output don't work input is working well , but if i add a output port the ouput don't work . Input and output working well only in 1 AXIS mode . is it possible to control a I/O port on XYZA mode ? the software is ezcad3 3.0.0 build 1490
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