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  1. Hi Charlie, Thank you for the response! I believe you're correct. After your response I did a reverse image translation online and it came back with "Genuine". I decided to inspect the board to see if maybe I could tell if it was a counterfeit and it appears legit as the serial number and version printed on the card are the same that EzCad displays in the Hardware tab of the F3 parameter screen. For all I know it could be a well done clone I've attached a couple of pics showing the board and the Hardware info tab just in case someone else in the community is seeing the same behaviour. Again, my system runs great, just curious what the alert was trying to tell me. Thanks again.
  2. Hello All, Running EzCad 2.14.11 on Windows 10 64 bit. Everything works as it should however, I get an alert pop up (see attached image) once right after I click to stop the red light, and only the first time I do it. I don't see the alert again until the next time I start EzCad. Unfortunately I'm unable to translate what appears to be Chinese. Thanks in advance for any assistance translating this. .
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