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  1. Hi, depends of the filling hatch, the line space must be 0.01mm
  2. Buenas noches, Paco, si puedes usar diferentes tipos de fuentes, incluso puedes instalar las tuyas propias, ya dependera del tipo de trabajo que quieras hacer y el hatch que quieras usaR.
  3. You can use this drivers, 32 or 64 drivers, but you need check first the control card. Ezcad2-PCIEX64.zip USB-JCZ-32bit-Control-board-driver.rar
  4. You don't need any installation, just need the correct board drivers. Ezcad2-PCIEX64.zip USB-JCZ-32bit-Control-board-driver.rar
  5. You can use this 64 bit driver Ezcad2-PCIEX64.zip
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