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  1. Try 12per power 80 freq 150 speed .01 line space on the hatch. Should get darker every pass
  2. I have read where you state that you do not sell a dongle. I used to be able to get them a few years back. We’re those from you at one point. With no dongle currently is there any way to add the software on A second computer so I can be working on next project with ability to save while current project is lazing.
  3. Is there a manual for 2.14.11 or is the latest 2.14.9? If 2.14.9 is the latest what changes were there between .9 and .11 that may not be in the manual?
  4. Id try and use corfile. You can create custom correction files for your particular f theta lens. This would give you the straightest lines and most correct sizing.
  5. not enough information. What exactly is happening?
  6. That message only appears when you are not connected to the laser or you are connected but the laser is not fully powered up. Double check you have a good wire and connection from your laptop to the laser control card and the laser is fully powered up. Then open software and the message should not appear.
  7. The Ezcad software default is not necessarily going to come adjusted to the Min/Max PWM of your particular laser system. Ezcad software is used for many different engines types and manufacturers. Switch the software settings to match the specs of the engine manufacturer. In your case you stated they were min PWM 50 and max PWM 100.
  8. https://ezcad.com/index.php?/files/file/5-ezcad-2-software/
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