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  1. Hi PonyFlavor, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by focus. If what is being engraved is not in the same position as what the red light shows before marking, this video may be of help. It goes over how to adjust the position of the red light pointer.
  2. Hey Marianne, I'm not familiar with your type of laser, but a helpful first step when I got my fiber laser was to mark some test grids. The images below show some examples of test grids. I rand 4 different test grids on various materials I commonly mark and keep them near my laser. JefferyJ is a YouTuber that makes a lot of EzCad / fiber laser content. This video talks about test grids and has links to download them as well.
  3. I'm attempting to create a python script that will automate some simple processes. Has anyone had much success importing the MarkEzd.dll included in the SDK in python? I've been able to access it using c# and the .NET framework to make a GUI, but I'd prefer to create it in python. When attempting to import the DLL in python the script is unable to locate it even though I can locate other DLLs in the same folder. If you have been able to use the SDK for anything cool, would you share what you've used it for in the responses below? I'm interested to see what others have been able to come up with. I think I'll probably just continue to pursue the c# program for now and come back to the python script at a later date.
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