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  1. 2 hours ago, Yogis1 said:


      Hi Fransisco,

                Thanks for the reply. I am Yogis. Please share me your mail id i will drop a mail to you with sdk that i am using.

               Board Model No : BJJCZ FB-B-H1.

                I am using SDK for EZCAD 2(Ezcad2.14.11(20191119)).




    hi Yogis

    my mail is parraguezgarcia@gmail.com




  2. I discovered the reason for that error when trying to import the MarkEzd.dll

    Has a direct relationship with the archives 

    the latest version of EZCAD2 published in the community is a 2.14.11 and the file LMC1.dll has a modification date 2019-07-02



    this version of LMC1.dll does not have some methods that the version of the MarkEzd.dll published in the community needs



    the date modified of MarkEzd.dll published in the community is 2011-12-06


    we need to find versions of markEzd.dll, Lmc1.dll DataMgr.dll. that are compatible with each other

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  3. On 5/7/2021 at 11:07 AM, TSmith said:

    I'm attempting to create a python script that will automate some simple processes. Has anyone had much success importing the MarkEzd.dll included in the SDK in python? I've been able to access it using c# and the .NET framework to make a GUI, but I'd prefer to create it in python. When attempting to import the DLL in python the script is unable to locate it even though I can locate other DLLs in the same folder.

    If you have been able to use the SDK for anything cool, would you share what you've used it for in the responses below? I'm interested to see what others have been able to come up with.

    I think I'll probably just continue to pursue the c# program for now and come back to the python script at a later date.

    hi TSmith 

    it work ? 
    what version ?

  4. On 7/28/2021 at 10:56 AM, mgrundy said:


    Documentation and support is totally useless - do you have the physical marker plugged in? I get this error code if the marker is not plugged in as you cannot actually use the SDK if it is not physically connected.

    I setting the bTestMode = true while developing and testing which allows you to continue development.

    Hope that helps you

    hi mgrundy 
    how use the testmode ?
    how view the log?

  5. I'm using the latest available version of the SDK, but initializing give me error code 21.

    in the documentation it only appears until the 19

    What does 20 or 21 mean ??


    to make sure the call is correct, I forced a known error code, such as 1 and works correctly



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