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  1. Lite card and ezcd 2.14.16 sucks.. Many guys with a lot of problems. I assembled a machine to a customer and tried Lite card . It only work in some pc, and 2.14.16 is not pratical to use ( Lite card only work in V 2.14.16) ... I had to back to customer and replace the Lite card with an old card. now everything work fine.
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    lmc-fiber EzCad SKD

    Hi, have someone EzCad SKD?
  3. Hi, i aways use ezcad 2.14.10 in old JCZ card and never had problem. This time my machine supplyer in China assembled a machine with a new JCZ Lite card, it only work with ezcad 2.14.16. I install the machine and ezcad on a customer pc desktop computer with win10 and on a notebook. On first day it run fine in desktop, when we turn on the machine the next day the ezcad open normally but when hit Red light or Mark key the ezcad freeze , sometimes with laser on but no move. The only way to stop is turning off machine and ezcad. The computer and the software recognize the driver but freeze. We tried to format the computer, clean the HD and reinstall Windows, but the same problem persists. But the ezcad installed in notebook keep working, but customer want it run at desktop PC. Could someone hepl me?
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