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  1. You can download the official version 2.14.11 from this forum. My laser engraver also comes with 2.14.10 pre-installed and I have downloaded 2.14.11 to install from this forum. It runs fine and has no errors. You can enter Param (F3) / Laser Control. See if you have checked the Fiber item? And in the Fiber section, have you selected your laser source correctly?
  2. Have you set the Pulse per round parameter? If that parameter is too small, it won't rotate.
  3. I think it's the wrong control port: Param/Port
  4. Some vector files are very large. So if your computer is not strong enough, for example, the cache memory (Ram) is small, the processor (CPU) is poor, the graphics card is not strong enough.... can cause errors when importing vector
  5. I am using fiber marking machine with ezcad 2.14.11 on Windows7 32bit, Card driver LMC V4 FIB and got the following error : 1. Sometimes it fails : Not reporting and was forced to close the software and then reopen it 2. Sometimes there is a delay when selecting an object on the screen ( When there are many objects on the screen) 3. Red light is sometimes delayed when using mode Show contour. Any suggestions for me? Thankyou.
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