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  1. Hi, I am a retired man living in Kentucky. On a whim, I purchased a good, used fiber laser machine to add to my bag-o-tricks in my home hobby shop. Well, the machine is fine, and it DOES work, but I haven't a CLUE what I am doing. It is a 30 watt fiber laser, apparently a SH F 30 according to the completely USELESS user manual. I do run DesignEdge software with my PlasmaCam tables, so I know how to create the files I want to burn, and export them as DXF files. I imported one, and got as far as watching the laser do NOTHING as it scanned across the design on an anodized black business card blank I will use to figure this ^%$&*thing out! So I don't really need any help with creating the DXF files or designs, etc. The seller demonstrated it, and it worked great! It comes with two lenses. He made it look so EASY. I am obviously doing something terribly wrong, as I cannot get it to do anything but fire the laser down onto the card with zero results. I am willing to pay someone, either locally to come here, or remotely via a ZOOM room, to walk me through the steps I am missing, and get me to understand the settings, etc. Who has the patience to teach "an old man" (63) how to run this machine? You can contact me through email at hobbylaser (at) mail (dot) com Joe
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