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    i am having an issue with all of my ratios being off from what i am importing, most of the stuff we use is on a dxf format, typically 4x4 inches, but when i import the vector it will show that it is 4in on the item but the actual print it will make is only about a 1/4 of an inch. This is ok for the most part since most of the things we do can just be ratiod up to fit what i actually need. But when i try to do anything else with the engraver it makes it very difficult to do any of the more advanced things that the machine is capable of doing. It worked correctly the very first time in the program and since then it has just off. The last time i tried to import a 4x4 image i had to upscale to 100 inches just to get it to print on the 4x4 item. Any help will be appreciated.
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