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Found 19 results

  1. I've got and OMTech fiber laser. I'm able to engrave with the RotaryText plugin with no issues, but Rotarymark does nothing. I can't even Light (F1) the work piece. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  2. I'm using the latest available version of the SDK, but initializing give me error code 21. in the documentation it only appears until the 19 What does 20 or 21 mean ?? to make sure the call is correct, I forced a known error code, such as 1 and works correctly
  3. Hola a todos. Acabo de comprar una máquina de marcado láser fibra . Tengo una pregunta y es si a la hora de grabar un texto puedo usar diferentes tipos de letras o sea de fuentes en el mismo texto o tengo que hacer textos separados.... Un saludo, muchas gracias
  4. Hey folks, I just installed the newest version of EZCAD2 (2.14.11) from a zip file that was sent to me by the manufacturer of my laser marking machine. The previous version, 2.14.10, is still installed on the computer that powers the laser. When I go to open up the shortcut of 2.14.11, it opens up fine and I'm able to load vector files no problem. But when I go to mark it pops up with an error code that says "current LMC board is not for Fiber Laser". Anyone have a clue as to how to troubleshoot? Thanks!
  5. Is there a way to change the default language?
  6. I'm attempting to create a python script that will automate some simple processes. Has anyone had much success importing the MarkEzd.dll included in the SDK in python? I've been able to access it using c# and the .NET framework to make a GUI, but I'd prefer to create it in python. When attempting to import the DLL in python the script is unable to locate it even though I can locate other DLLs in the same folder. If you have been able to use the SDK for anything cool, would you share what you've used it for in the responses below? I'm interested to see what others have been able to come up with. I think I'll probably just continue to pursue the c# program for now and come back to the python script at a later date.
  7. paco

    lmc Rotatoy

    Hola a todos. Acabo de comprar una máquina de marcado láser fibra con el motor rotatory. Tengo un problema con este. Cuando marco un anillo, lo hace al revés, con las letras de izquierda a derecha, y no en sentido del anillo. Vi varios tutoriales en Youtube, y lo hago igual, pero yo no consigo grabar ... Si a alguien más le ha ocurrido y lo ha solucionado, le agradecería la ayuda ... Un saludo a todos
  8. Hello all friends, I want very smooth full black color marking on Polycarbonate plastic sheet. I need to know what power, speed, and frequency set. I have 3w UV laser marking machine. thanks
  9. Hi, Ok, so i start the laptop, turn on the laser's key and then the laser, the pc recognises the laser with no problem BUT when i run EZ Cad2 there is a problem, the software "agreement" page opens but then when i click "ok" it disappears like normal but does not come back, after waiting a few minutes i try again but the software says "software is open" (which it isn't...) so now i cannot use the laser, i have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled, no difference, it does this with versions 09,10 and 11 of the software... Oh yes, if i unplug the laser usb cable then the software goes straight to demo mode, even a clean shutdown in demo does the same thing...
  10. I bought a 30W Laser Engrave machine almost 4 years ago. It works perfect. This week my Laptop broke down, the laptop I only use for this Laser Engravement machine. The HDD is defect and I can't start the Laptop plus I can't get data out of the disk. This means that I have to install the drivers and EZCAD again. EZCAD is not a problem. The problem is that I don't have the drivers for the Laser Machine Controller Board and I don't have drivers for the build in dongle called USB Gongle V.1.74 Can anyone help? Please see the pictures showing the machine, the controller board and the Max Fiberlaser
  11. window98

    lmc Demo Version

    Im Buying Fiber Laser Machine From China..i follow the installation instruction given but im stuck at ezcad2 2.7.6 software. When i open it, it said dongle not found. using window 10 64bit latest version
  12. Hi I have a fibre laser machine with the attached board inside. I am currently running it on windows 7. I am trying to run it on a new windows 10 pc. When I connect the laser mc to the PC I am getting 2 devices showing up in device manager, is this correct? Also what driver will I need? Many Thanks Chris
  13. Hello, I currently can only connect 2.14.11 LITE to this board. Is it possible to run the full version of 2.14.11?
  14. Hi, Is it possible to query an sql database where user is prompted for an input first? For example SELECT * FROM Database WHERE ID=[User Input Prompt]
  15. I would like to know if the Ezcad software works on windows 10 ARM (raspberry pi 3)?
  16. Hi, I recently purchased a dongle to try running EzCad2 while not connected to the machine. Ezcad2 version 2.5 or 2.5.3 is required. I cannot find it for download. Does anyone know where to get it? Thx - Seb.
  17. E349931


    Hi everybody, I have a laser machine with an LMC V1 card, I have a few questions: 1. Is it possible to work somehow with Windows 10? 2. I work with EZCAD version 2.7.6 and the version is quite old, Is it possible to upgrade the version?
  18. Er der nogen mulighed, for at justere tykkelsen på stregen, når man laver en tegning, for eksempel med lige streg "Is there any way to adjust the thickness of the line when making a drawing, for example with a straight line"
  19. The red guide beam does not align to the physical mark.
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