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Found 36 results

  1. Shashi

    lmc-fiber EzCad2

    I have recently purchased a 30W JPT MOPA fiber laser machine. Can you help from where EzCad2 software can be downloaded suitable for JCZ control card model FBLI-B-LV4 REV:20200724. I am using Windows 10. Software supplied by the machine manufacturer EzCad2 lite version which doesn't have many features like wobble, power ruler and many other.
  2. I have had the machine for several months and cant solve this problem. I want to throw it out the window! HELP My machine will run on EZCAD2 Lite only. It does not find dongle using EZCAD2. The control board has a red light when marking. Does this indicate a bad board?
  3. Hi, I am a retired man living in Kentucky. On a whim, I purchased a good, used fiber laser machine to add to my bag-o-tricks in my home hobby shop. Well, the machine is fine, and it DOES work, but I haven't a CLUE what I am doing. It is a 30 watt fiber laser, apparently a SH F 30 according to the completely USELESS user manual. I do run DesignEdge software with my PlasmaCam tables, so I know how to create the files I want to burn, and export them as DXF files. I imported one, and got as far as watching the laser do NOTHING as it scanned across the design on an anodized black business card blank I will use to figure this ^%$&*thing out! So I don't really need any help with creating the DXF files or designs, etc. The seller demonstrated it, and it worked great! It comes with two lenses. He made it look so EASY. I am obviously doing something terribly wrong, as I cannot get it to do anything but fire the laser down onto the card with zero results. I am willing to pay someone, either locally to come here, or remotely via a ZOOM room, to walk me through the steps I am missing, and get me to understand the settings, etc. Who has the patience to teach "an old man" (63) how to run this machine? You can contact me through email at hobbylaser (at) mail (dot) com Joe
  4. RickLaser

    lmc-fiber EzCad SKD

    Hi, have someone EzCad SKD?
  5. Is there a nodeJS or any way to connect to EZcad externally to add a QR code and text automatically? It would make the manufacturing process of an external app adding or changing the values OR the values of the QR code and text exported much easier Thanks!
  6. I am using fiber marking machine with ezcad 2.14.11 on Windows7 32bit, Card driver LMC V4 FIB and got the following error : 1. Sometimes it fails : Not reporting and was forced to close the software and then reopen it 2. Sometimes there is a delay when selecting an object on the screen ( When there are many objects on the screen) 3. Red light is sometimes delayed when using mode Show contour. Any suggestions for me? Thankyou.
  7. During development of Api with SDK. I am getting SDK hardware version error. Please help me..
  8. Hello there is a ghost bar in ezcad (offset, array , transform) , simply put those two files in res directory, and Tada! Best regards modifybar_dis.bmp modifybar.bmp
  9. I have question about API for my version of Ezcad2.12.0_Z -en is available
  10. Hi, I am writing some software using the SDK for EzCad 2 but when marking using the rotary the part file marks correctly when using the "Laser -> Rotary Marking" menu option in EzCad but when sending the same file and the lmc1_Mark command via the SDK there is no rotary movement and everything is marked in the same place. Please can anyone assist? Many Thanks Martin
  11. How do I register the EZCAd3 software, or acquire a serial number that it is asking for?
  12. Hello, I am developing a customize software for Ezcad 2 using sdk kit. I am facing some issue when i am trying to initialize the MarkEzd.dll file i am getting error LMC Hardware version error. Anyone knows about it, please help me. I am using sdk compatible JCZ card.
  13. I moved my 30w Raycus fiber from a x64 win8 system to a Win10 system, and cannot for the life of me get EZCad2 to function. I have tried every driver I can find, and every software version I can find here. I either get "cannot find dog" or errors saying the software is only for 32bit. What do I need to make this work? TIA
  14. we have a fiber laser and use the software Ezcad2.14.11, driver X64AMD_LmcV2u But we have in a different location in the design studio. Now I want to prepare everything for the employees at the fiber laser machine location. I cannot run EzCad2 independently on my computer because the dongle is in the fiber laser. Only in Demo mode. So cannot SAVE the files. How can we solve it that this is possible. Can a dongle be obtained separately or can it be solved by software? windows 10 / 64 bit Thank you for your help !
  15. pleae who can help me.... we have fiberlaser 50 W unfortunately the company where I got the fiber laser is bankrupt Flat marking and engraving is no problem = perfect / excellent quality Also text mark is perfect (letter by letter) but not with rotary mark / continuous we get steps (see picture) Tnx for help in this video on youtube is perfect: VIDEO-2021-04-22-21-44-25.mp4
  16. we have a fiber laser and use the software EzCad2 our driver: lmcv2uX64 But I'm in a different location in the design studio. Now I want to prepare everything for the employees at the fiber laser machine. I cannot run EzCad2 independently on my computer because the dongle is in the fiber laser. Only in Demo mode. So cannot save the files. How can we solve that this is possible? Can a dongle be obtained separately or can it be solved by software? windows 10 / 64 bit Thank you for your help
  17. Hi, I have a minilaser pro sec2.14.10. I am trying to make a black smooth mark on stainless steel for jewelry items. Does anyone have any help with setting up the hatches and parameters? I am struggling. Thanks, Marianne
  18. Larry

    lmc-fiber Axis Time out

    Folks, I get an Axis Timeout error when trying to mark a ring. Any suggestions please. I am new to fiber lasers and have looked at the manual but cannot figure it out. Thank you. MORN 100 watt M7, auto focus
  19. I have read where you state that you do not sell a dongle. I used to be able to get them a few years back. We’re those from you at one point. With no dongle currently is there any way to add the software on A second computer so I can be working on next project with ability to save while current project is lazing.
  20. Is there a manual for 2.14.11 or is the latest 2.14.9? If 2.14.9 is the latest what changes were there between .9 and .11 that may not be in the manual?
  21. where can i download the newest version of EzCad2?
  22. Can you please explain this setup screen Which pwm frequency do I need to set in EZcad. By default is 20khz to 80khz, I read in manual for P50QB, that the frequency setting range is from 50 KHz to 100 KHz.Do I need to setup that or something else. Im confused now. Thank for your help.
  23. Dear Everyone I have fiber laser machine BML-10FP (With Board MODEL: LMCFIBER VER: 20111221). When i want to start, writing CAN NOT FIND USB DONGLE, WILL START DEMO MODE. How to fix it? I think Machine must have USB Dongle, maybe i lost (i forget had USB Dongle or Not). Please help to fix. Thanks.
  24. We use original controller LMCV4-Fiber-M ana EZCAD 2.14.10. When we work in EZCAD on marking machine all is ok. But we want use EZCAD copy on designers computer for prepare work's files. We should be able to save the file, but we don't need the marking feature in this version. How can I install a copy of Ezcad on a designer's computer so that he can save files? Maybe we can buy a special license or key?
  25. Tried to install Ezcad2 on my computer with no success, any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
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