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Found 36 results

  1. Nuchie

    lmc-fiber Work Space

    How can I adjust the work space on my fiber laser. When I light the area it is only about a quarter inch square, to get the image large enough I have to expand it out of the work space.
  2. Dear Everyone I have fiber laser machine BML-10FP (With Board MODEL: LMCFIBER VER: 20111221). When i want to start, writing CAN NOT FIND USB DONGLE, WILL START DEMO MODE. How to fix it? I think Machine must have USB Dongle, maybe i lost (i forget had USB Dongle or Not). Please help to fix. Thanks.
  3. Can you please explain this setup screen Which pwm frequency do I need to set in EZcad. By default is 20khz to 80khz, I read in manual for P50QB, that the frequency setting range is from 50 KHz to 100 KHz.Do I need to setup that or something else. Im confused now. Thank for your help.
  4. where can i download the newest version of EzCad2?
  5. We use original controller LMCV4-Fiber-M ana EZCAD 2.14.10. When we work in EZCAD on marking machine all is ok. But we want use EZCAD copy on designers computer for prepare work's files. We should be able to save the file, but we don't need the marking feature in this version. How can I install a copy of Ezcad on a designer's computer so that he can save files? Maybe we can buy a special license or key?
  6. I inherited this laser. I am trying to get it up and running but seem to be having a driver issue. I downloaded the the software and driver from the site but cannot seem to get them to speak to each other. The software gives me the "cannot find dongle" error. I have tried various different usb cable in various different ports on the computer with no luck. I have also done some thumbing through the forums and have tried several different drivers to install to help. None seem to be correct or maybe I am doing something wrong not sure. Would love some additional info or help.
  7. Dear people, I bought a used Lotus Meta laser without the pc at an auction. It has a LMCFIBER card with rev. nr 20111220. Please can anyone advice me if I have to buy a new controller board or it is possible to install the software on a pc. Any help appreciated. Pat
  8. I am having an error in 20w laser fiber marking machine while marking Error says : (Invalid Device Handle)
  9. Hello All, Running EzCad 2.14.11 on Windows 10 64 bit. Everything works as it should however, I get an alert pop up (see attached image) once right after I click to stop the red light, and only the first time I do it. I don't see the alert again until the next time I start EzCad. Unfortunately I'm unable to translate what appears to be Chinese. Thanks in advance for any assistance translating this. .
  10. In the instructions in the Files section "How to use z axis" - After open the software, display as shown in figure 1 I do not see the information in the bottom section. I am running Ezcad2.14.11 with control card JCZ LMCV4-FIBER-M and a 30W Raycus Please explain what needs to be done, thank you. How to use z axis.bmp No Z axis control panel.bmp
  11. I will be receiving a Fibre Laser from China in about 10 days and I have tried to download a copy of the latest Ezcad2 User Manual, but I am not allowed. All I keep seeing on my screen to the right is "Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file." I am logged in. Thanks Ian
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