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Found 6 results

  1. I'm using the latest available version of the SDK, but initializing give me error code 21. in the documentation it only appears until the 19 What does 20 or 21 mean ?? to make sure the call is correct, I forced a known error code, such as 1 and works correctly
  2. During development of Api with SDK. I am getting SDK hardware version error. Please help me..
  3. Hello, I need to run 5 engravers at the same time, 4 of them doing the same draw, and the other one something different. It is possible to run and manage all of them using only one PC with one EZcad2 licence? Im trying to avoid use 5 PC´s with 5 Ezcad licence for matters of space and the complexity of make them to work toguether, at the same time, with just one click. Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm attempting to create a python script that will automate some simple processes. Has anyone had much success importing the MarkEzd.dll included in the SDK in python? I've been able to access it using c# and the .NET framework to make a GUI, but I'd prefer to create it in python. When attempting to import the DLL in python the script is unable to locate it even though I can locate other DLLs in the same folder. If you have been able to use the SDK for anything cool, would you share what you've used it for in the responses below? I'm interested to see what others have been able to come up with. I think I'll probably just continue to pursue the c# program for now and come back to the python script at a later date.
  5. pleae who can help me.... we have fiberlaser 50 W unfortunately the company where I got the fiber laser is bankrupt Flat marking and engraving is no problem = perfect / excellent quality Also text mark is perfect (letter by letter) but not with rotary mark / continuous we get steps (see picture) Tnx for help in this video on youtube is perfect: VIDEO-2021-04-22-21-44-25.mp4
  6. hello all , i have a question about DLC2-m4 board , EZCAD 3 ,have 4 axis so on axis configuration i set the XYZA MODE i tried to control I/O port (output and input) to activate a external device with 1 output , and continue a program with 1 input . it did't work , output don't work input is working well , but if i add a output port the ouput don't work . Input and output working well only in 1 AXIS mode . is it possible to control a I/O port on XYZA mode ? the software is ezcad3 3.0.0 build 1490
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