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Found 3 results

  1. Hello I currently run ezcad 3 version build 1678 2020/10/13, I would like to upgrade to the latest build, How do I import every setting for my machine to the new build, what files should be copied over so I have the latest build with my current machine parameters etc. Thanks
  2. I'd like to use some special handwriting font which includes ligatures, but cannot be recognized by this software. How do I make the software enable/recognize font ligature? Ardila.ttf
  3. Dear Team, I am using the board Model LMCFIBER rev: 20120321 for windows 7 and it was working fine. Now i have changed my operating system to Windows 10 64 bit now my old driver and software not working. Please help, i have attached board picture for your reference. In my system hardware info is showing as below: Board type: IPG FIBER 2010 VERSION : 3.0.2 CUSTOMIZE: GENERAL FUNCTION CODE: FLY SN: 32579072
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