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Found 17 results

  1. Morning folks, I am looking for a windows 10 64 bit driver for a JOLLYSTAR ZLAS-001 Can anyone help ? Thanks..
  2. Dear all. We use EZcard2 software with UV 5W laser marking. But the marking is uneven. Anybody can help me. Please check detail image and settings in the attachment. Uneven marking issue.pdf
  3. Hello, So...anyone have any idea why ezcad2 software in demo mode crashes when importing a Ai file? Happens everytime, on a few computers I own... Thanks!
  4. Hola cuando abro el programa ezcad 2 me dice que no encuentra lmc. he observado que no me dejas meter el control estoy desesperado.gracias
  5. I have a cry for help, my control card can not find the Ezcad2 key, no matter what program I run, and I have tried them all, then it can not find the key, and starting in the demo, there are some GOOD SUGGESTIONS
  6. Hi, I am having trouble projecting onto a surface and have noticed that the 3D symbol is not showing when I switch the parameters on. How can I enable the 3D? Cheers. Bill. My program does not have the 3D symbol shown.doc
  7. Can Ezcad 2.14.7 work on Acer Chromebook Spin 311 CP311-2H-C3KA ?
  8. Hi, can anyone help me? I need ezcad2 2.9.6 for my fiber laser marking machine, but unfortunately the installer supplied with the machine is infected with a FileInfector virus, and the only website I can download a fresh copy from is asking for a password.
  9. I have a big problem with Ezcad when I engrave, I lose the key up to several times in an engraving, and every time I have to set the machine again, I can get a key to install on the machine
  10. how to configure mark on fly with lmcv4 card
  11. Hello, Have a task to send a badge for printing automatically, sending name, date of birth and a number. Has anyone seen a list of commands that I can send via TCP\IP from the client to Ezcad? Thank you!
  12. need a software of 2.14.2
  13. hello, is there maybe someone who could explain me if it is possible to get the engraving data from an external SQL database and then engrave it as a data matrix code
  14. hi out there, there really is no one who knows anything about engraving with rotary, and how to engrave a photo
  15. Jeg har forsøgt at lave en foto gravering i rotaryMark, og i SplitMark2, men kan ikke få det til at virke, kan man ikke bruge almindelig Bitmap fil i Rotary programmet ?? jeg har ingen problem, når det er et logo, lavet i Ezcad
  16. Kan ikke gravere et foto i rotary program
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