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Found 3 results

  1. Can you please explain this setup screen Which pwm frequency do I need to set in EZcad. By default is 20khz to 80khz, I read in manual for P50QB, that the frequency setting range is from 50 KHz to 100 KHz.Do I need to setup that or something else. Im confused now. Thank for your help.
  2. LMC V4 FIB v 4.0.2 General Custom Function: Fly, Fly2, HWStart, LongText, InputLock, InputWait Windows10 Hi, I am hoping someone may be able to assist with this inquiry. I'm very grateful that this forum has been created. We have just purchased a machine with the above hardware config. Our objective is to mark Poly-carbonate [injection molded, white] with very light grey text and logo data. And by light grey, I am referring to the range of say 5% - 15% black. It appears that these settings below are approximately what is required. Speed 1250 mm/s Power 10 % Frequency 25 KHz My query is in relation to the PEN SETTINGS In [attached] pic 1 you can see the "Pen No." in the dialog box on the left is set to #5, and the same Pen is selected in the dialog box on the R/H side In pic 2 if I select Pen #15 [R/H dialog box], Pen #5 remains in the L/H box. Ignoring that mods to the other configs, Speed, Power, Freq, if I ensure that those fields do not change, I DO observe a difference in the engraving. If I also modify the L/H dialog setting and pick Pen #15, then I get a dramatic change, and don't see ANY fill. Are the two PENS 'linked' in any way, and are they both supposed to be set the SAME. If so, should this occur automatically upon selecting either? I have attached a couple of additional images which also show the discrepancy in Pen selection. I will really appreciate any feedback I can get as I am behind a delivery deadline now. Many thanks - Peter [Thommo]
  3. Hi, I'm fairly new to EzCAD. Today a colleague of mine reboot the pc controling the laser, leading to a lost of all the configuration, which I found very odd. Anyway, I reconfigured everything based on a doc I found at the office, now the laser simulates the process, but stop right after. What am I missing? Thanks for your help F
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