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Found 25 results

  1. is there a way to work and save work will not online with laser?
  2. Stella

    lmc-fiber lmc driver

    Hi. Have an Omtech 30 watt fiber laser. On start up I keep getting the error message "Failed to open lmc driver". I can only run Ezcad 2 in the demo mode. I've tried everything I could think of or have read about on the internet, but nothing is working. If it's due to an unsigned driver, I don't know how to work around it. Plugging the computer in shows BJJCC Device in the Device Manager with "Laser Mark Control Board V4 (USB)" indicated with an explanation mark on it. Windows11 says this is the best driver. What do I need to do? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. keita

    fiber-lite ezcad2 lite

    Hello, has anyone seen, or experienced this error? Using the rotary mark section in ezcad2 lite I get (Current mark count already great total count)error when lighting or marking.
  4. Could someone tell me the parameters to engrave a photo on a silver plate?? machine fiber optic laser 30 w raycus
  5. Hi All, New member here, just about to have a play with my laser.... I want to add a rotary unit to it, but I must admit I have fallen at the first hurdle. I am not sure if I need a separate stepper control, so I opened the laser to have a look at the board. I assumed it was a one of the BJCZ boards.... but now I am unsure. I have gone through all the images I can find, but none seem to have the green board-to-cable connector that I have highlighted on my system. Unfortunately my laser is a no-name laser, although it works very well, and I am amazed at the quality of the datamarks it can create. I can get small enough that I use a microscope to see the datamark, and can still scan it from my microscope screen. But I have no idea what the control card is. or if that is even an issue...... I hope someone can recognise this and let me know where I should be looking for the pinout so I can move to the next step of connecting an Atomstack R3 to my laser.... thanking you in advance for your help....
  6. Hello, I cannot use the EZCad 3 with my chinese 30watt Fiber laser I purchased. It came with version 3 on the USB stick but would not run the laser, I was told to download the version 2, it works fine except my computer slows down and finally freezes when doing several things at once within the job, I noticed it is 32 bit, is there a 64 bit version that I can download and use to help with this issue. Thank you, Chuck mcbrayer chuckmcbrayer2003@gmail.com
  7. Shashi

    lmc-fiber EzCad2

    I have recently purchased a 30W JPT MOPA fiber laser machine. Can you help from where EzCad2 software can be downloaded suitable for JCZ control card model FBLI-B-LV4 REV:20200724. I am using Windows 10. Software supplied by the machine manufacturer EzCad2 lite version which doesn't have many features like wobble, power ruler and many other.
  8. when i plug my laser into computer. I get an notification. ( This device is disabled because the firmware of the device did not give it the required resources. (Code 29)) Also when I try to update the drivers it tells me that driver software is up to date. So when i open the ezcad2 it says searching for dongle. Any help would be appreciated
  9. Hola a todos. Acabo de comprar una máquina de marcado láser fibra . Tengo una pregunta y es si a la hora de grabar un texto puedo usar diferentes tipos de letras o sea de fuentes en el mismo texto o tengo que hacer textos separados.... Un saludo, muchas gracias
  10. Dear all. We use EZcard2 software with UV 5W laser marking. But the marking is uneven. Anybody can help me. Please check detail image and settings in the attachment. Uneven marking issue.pdf
  11. During development of Api with SDK. I am getting SDK hardware version error. The boar Model is LMCV4-DIGIT Can share me the correct SDK for this board? Best Regards!
  12. I have had the machine for several months and cant solve this problem. I want to throw it out the window! HELP My machine will run on EZCAD2 Lite only. It does not find dongle using EZCAD2. The control board has a red light when marking. Does this indicate a bad board?
  13. I have some problems with wirewring the pritcard, i have the picture and the text, but No matter what it dosen't se the input And scaling the encoder dosen Seem to Work, and i can't find the pulses for the lenght to put in. Some one tryed to make a machine from LMC to dlc2 And malingen mark on fly.
  14. Hello There, I am novice using fiber laser 20w with EZCAD2. I wanna mark datamatrix code 3mmX3mm over steel inox. Firts wanna mark a square of backdrop 5X5mm and then the datamatrix code. Can somebody say me how achieve this goal. I want to achieve a good contrast for scan the code with successfully thanks in advance Francisco
  15. Hi, I am writing some software using the SDK for EzCad 2 but when marking using the rotary the part file marks correctly when using the "Laser -> Rotary Marking" menu option in EzCad but when sending the same file and the lmc1_Mark command via the SDK there is no rotary movement and everything is marked in the same place. Please can anyone assist? Many Thanks Martin
  16. paco

    lmc Rotatoy

    Hola a todos. Acabo de comprar una máquina de marcado láser fibra con el motor rotatory. Tengo un problema con este. Cuando marco un anillo, lo hace al revés, con las letras de izquierda a derecha, y no en sentido del anillo. Vi varios tutoriales en Youtube, y lo hago igual, pero yo no consigo grabar ... Si a alguien más le ha ocurrido y lo ha solucionado, le agradecería la ayuda ... Un saludo a todos
  17. Hola cuando abro el programa ezcad 2 me dice que no encuentra lmc. he observado que no me dejas meter el control estoy desesperado.gracias
  18. Tried to install Ezcad2 on my computer with no success, any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
  19. I have a cry for help, my control card can not find the Ezcad2 key, no matter what program I run, and I have tried them all, then it can not find the key, and starting in the demo, there are some GOOD SUGGESTIONS
  20. pleae who can help me.... we have fiberlaser 50 W unfortunately the company where I got the fiber laser is bankrupt Flat marking and engraving is no problem = perfect / excellent quality Also text mark is perfect (letter by letter) but not with rotary mark / continuous we get steps (see picture) Tnx for help in this video on youtube is perfect: VIDEO-2021-04-22-21-44-25.mp4
  21. Hi, I have a minilaser pro sec2.14.10. I am trying to make a black smooth mark on stainless steel for jewelry items. Does anyone have any help with setting up the hatches and parameters? I am struggling. Thanks, Marianne
  22. I bought the ezcad-2d board but couldn't open the stl file! admin can show me how to create product like photo!
  23. Dear Team, I am using the board Model LMCFIBER rev: 20120321 for windows 7 and it was working fine. Now i have changed my operating system to Windows 10 64 bit now my old driver and software not working. Please help, i have attached board picture for your reference. In my system hardware info is showing as below: Board type: IPG FIBER 2010 VERSION : 3.0.2 CUSTOMIZE: GENERAL FUNCTION CODE: FLY SN: 32579072
  24. I have a big problem with Ezcad when I engrave, I lose the key up to several times in an engraving, and every time I have to set the machine again, I can get a key to install on the machine
  25. I am brand new to laser engraving. I downloaded and set up my 30W fiber engraver with EZCad2.14. Got it working but everything is engraving as a mirror image and if it is a horizontal image, it is printing vertically. I have no idea what to do. I've tried deleting and redownloading. I do not know what is next. Thanks everyone!
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