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lmc-fiber Axis Time out



I get an Axis Timeout error when trying to mark a ring.  Any suggestions please.  I am new to fiber lasers and have looked at the manual but cannot figure it out.

Thank you.  

MORN 100 watt M7, auto focus

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Posted (edited)

There is a setting in the software for Time out

Enter as a whole positive number.

Time the software will wait while looking for the Homing switch.
This does not affect “Light”.

Set this to a value just long enough to allow the Homing process to complete travel from when the Galvo is at the lower position to activating the switch

If set too short, Homing will stop and you will get an Error message "Correct axis zero timeout!.
Setting to long, if something were to malfunction with the limit switch, the stepper motor would run until it crashes.

Use the lap timer on the cell phone and measure the time it takes from Base Height to Origin, then add 2 seconds.
Example - 30.10 Secs from Base Height to Origin, plus 2 Secs = 32.10 = 32 Whole Positive Number

Items which effect this setting:
Zero Speed
Dist. / Step per rotation

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