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Hatch not covering entire some letters om a simple etching jjob




 kInd of new to EZCAD2. Began uploading DXF files ran a few parts fine once I figured out some of the settigs. Now I am working on a file that is just a simple letter print, 15 letters or so, and no mattter what I do the hatch leaves out two or three letters or fills in the P, A or R. I generarted the DXF on my CAM(Esprit) via a customer file and I just atarted using CorellDraw, exact same  thing happens from the DXF that created. Been playig with it for a day(way more). it is something in EZCAD, every tweek gives me somemthing less than done, complete letters not hatched or random hatching in the the P and R, mostly just not populating two or three letters. I have created the same DXF file via correlldraw, exact same thing happens so no doubt, it is some tweek in EZCAD2. We are using it on a 30W fiber laser.

 Tried breaking it up to smaller immages, the way EXCAD2 acts it seems to be a combonation of tweeks, I use a proven file, delete the immage and bring in the DXF as a vecter also tried as a vergin program, same thing. The letters are simple text. .010" width?

 Let me know if someone has any ideas, probably something simple i am missing?

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